Mayor Olivera met with authorities of the Paysandú Basketball League

The Departmental Mayor, Dr. Nicolás Olivera, met on December 30 with authorities of the Paysandú Basketball League, led by its president Andrés Piaggio. In the meeting, they exchanged about the possible dispute in Paysandú of the Uruguayan Basketball League finals and a joint work scheme was analyzed for the development of a project linked to training.

Coordinated work

Accompanied by the Director of Sports of the Municipality, Guillermo Arias, the Mayor received the representatives of the League, who provided information about the firm possibility that the finals of the Uruguayan Basketball League will be played in Paysandú, more precisely in the facilities of the Closed Stadium “June 8”.

With some renovations that have been carried out in recent days, the Closed Stadium is in optimal condition to host the finals, scheduled for the month of February.
At the meeting, the visitors also gave an account of a project in the structuring phase, aimed at strengthening and reinvigorating the activity of the training categories of sanducero basketball.

The initiative foresees the hiring of a first level coach and the gradual formation of a departmental team that will participate in the Tournament of Training Divisions of the Uruguayan Basketball Federation, with teams such as Cordón and Peñarol.

The Mayor highlighted the characteristics of this project, specifically aimed at the comprehensive training of young basketball players, while he committed the support of the Municipality to make part of its operations viable, with spaces for practices and technical personnel.


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