Mayor of Malibu Accuses Kourtney Kardashian of Forgery in Party Permission Scandal

Mayor of Malibu Accuses Kourtney Kardashian of Forgery in Party Permission Scandal

Monday 25 September 2023 / 19:31

The mayor of the American city of Malibu accused reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian of forging his stamp in order to obtain permission to hold a party after midnight.

Mayor Bruce Silverstein stated in a post on his Facebook page that Courtney’s workers, on her behalf, obtained a first-class seal of approval for the party, but it turned out to be a promotional party for Courtney’s own brand, Poosh.

He also mentioned that the party started at eleven o’clock at night, which meant obtaining different transactions from those followed at regular parties.

Request to open an investigation

He called for an investigation to ascertain whether bribes had been paid to employees in the governorate to facilitate matters, and to obtain a forged seal of approval. In another post, which he called a “coup,” the mayor mentioned that he had sent an email to the city governor, in which he collected all the posts on Instagram and Facebook related to the launch. Bosch brand, at Malibu party.

According to what was reported by the website TMZThe mayor met Courtney while he was exercising at the sports club, and she asked him to obtain permission for a party. He agreed verbally without going into the details of the party, because each event has specific terms and conditions that require different papers and permits, according to what he said.

What angered him – as he put it – was the amount of trucks that arrived at the place, along with a large percentage of paper, plastic and glass waste, which spread in the area due to the products that were displayed at the party, in addition to his supplies of drinks and food.

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Violations, fraud, and extreme frustration

He mentioned that he asked the celebrants to show the papers showing that they had obtained licenses, but it turned out that they were in violation of the conditions, whether in terms of the timing of the ceremony or the number of attendees, and the conditions of protection and necessary supplies.

While he considered that what happened was “fraud” in order to please a prominent person, he expressed his feeling of “extreme frustration,” because the citizens of Malibu usually wait for weeks in order to obtain toilets to complete their celebrations, while celebrities express themselves in devious ways.

The mayor concluded his post by stressing that he will follow up on the matter until everyone who contributed to the forgery is punished, because the transgressions that occur on behalf of celebrities represent a major violation of the applicable rules and traditions, in addition to disturbing those around them without them caring.

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