Mayor of Magdalena Contreras tested COVID-19 positive

Patricia Otiz Couturier, holder of the Magdalena Contreras mayor’s office in Mexico City, announced through his Twitter account that a few days ago he was tested for coronavirus and tested positive for the disease so it’s found in isolation with the appropriate sanitary measures.

The announcement was made the same day that the Ministry of Health (SSa) announced that the Mexican capital is the main point of infection in Mexico by having the highest number of deaths and cases registered since the pandemic began.

Ortíz Couturier, who is a member of the National Regeneration Movement party (Morena), clarified that, Despite the fact that she is in “life quarantine”, the mayor’s office is attended by the CEOs. They will be aware of the daily work, but the mayor will continue to monitor the issues that arise during the contingency.

He stressed that Staying at home during the declared health emergency is “the only way we can avoid infections and thus save many lives.” He reminded citizens that in case of symptoms like cough, fever, or body aches, send a message to number 51515 accompanied by the word “COVID-19” so that people can receive the necessary care.

Finally, he gave a message of hope to his governed by saying:

Mexico City currently has 723 positive cases and 1,350 suspects, in addition to the 32 people who have lost their lives because of the disease. It is because of these numbers that both the influx of public transport and vehicular mobility has decreased in accordance with pandemic prevention measures.

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Throughout Mexico, coronavirus cases continue to increase. The positive patients for COVID-19 reached the figure of 2,785 patients and 141 fatalities. Globally, one million 297 thousand 722 human beings have been infected and it has taken the lives of 72 thousand 614 people.

the undersecretary of health, Hugo López-Gatell, during the press conference with the latest update on the situation of COVID-19 in the country that has been noted “a decrease of on average 60% in the main public transports

The Collective Transportation System (STC) Meter, the service of the Passenger Transport Network (RTP) and the Light Rail, are the means of mobility that between April 1 and 5 greatly reduced its passenger influx.

Other transport like the Trolleybus or Ecobici they had a greater reduction than that indicated in other transports. But, vehicular flow is the one that has had a more visible decrease. In the first week, March 17-22, it was down 70%. From March 23 to 29, the second week, it was reduced to more than 80% of what could be seen on an ordinary day.

Previously, the influx peaks were found very early in the morning and in the afternoon. In these contingency moments, the peak is concentrated around 12:00 hours.

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