Mayor of Guayanilla says that Secretary of Health called him to distance himself from subordinate expressions

The mayor of Guayanilla, Nelson Torres Yordán, confirmed today that the Secretary of Health, Rafael Rodriguez, called him to “excuse himself and get away” from the expressions of the Secretary of Environmental Health, Mayra Toro, who tried to dissociate himself from his responsibilities before the reports of overflows of sea water and sand by the sanitary pipes in several communities of the municipality.

The controversy had its genesis when Toro indicated The new day that Health had no jurisdiction “over this type of case” and referred the matter to the Office of Permit Management (OGPe).

Torres Yordán had expressed that, “after the earthquakes, everything has to do with everything from landslides and cracks in houses, to the fear of our people sleeping under a concrete roof.” In addition, he cataloged Toro’s assertions as “unheard and irresponsible.”

On Rodriguez’s call, the mayor said: “I am very grateful that the Secretary of Health accepted that a subaltern had failed and belittled our people, an action that we strongly reproach

Earlier this week, it circulated on social networks that residents of the Playa neighborhood and the El Faro community warned about the presence of what appeared to be sand and water from the sea, perhaps as a result of the increase in the water table after the earthquakes.

Before the expressions of Toro, the mayor made a public call, both to Governor Wanda Vázquez and the Secretary of Health, to “take action on the matter and guide Mrs. Toro on the implications to human health that could cause these overflows” .

“(Toro) shied away from his obligations and turned his back on us alleging that the Department has no inherent, when the emergency function number six, established by the Federal Emergency Management Agency states that, in an emergency case like this , all agencies must join in mass care, ”said Torres Yordán.

“It is essential that all agencies understand that it is a situation that affects us all,” he concluded.

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