Mayor calls for a nationwide approach to shopping crowds

Mayor Jorritsma van Eindhoven wants to consult with the cabinet about a national approach to congestion in shopping areas in Corona time. Just like in other cities shops in Eindhoven were ordered to close early this afternoon, because enforcing corona rules had become impossible due to the crowds.

According to Jorritsma, coordination is necessary to prevent a ‘waterbed effect’ from developing. “The moment I issue an emergency order that no one can enter a shop tomorrow at 3 p.m., they go to Den Bosch, Breda or you name it. We need agreements that can be organized and fulfilled nationally.”

Other mayors are also concerned, with Sinterklaas and Christmas and at the door, about the crowds in shopping areas. On Monday evening, Jorritsma will raise this subject in the Security Council, the meeting with the chairpersons of the security regions that also include someone on behalf of the cabinet.

Several municipalities called today to avoid the shopping areas. Those who did go encountered enforcers asking shoppers to comply with corona rules.

Strolling audience

Nevertheless, the mayors of Eindhoven, Dordrecht and Rotterdam were forced to close shops earlier than normal on Saturday afternoon. “We did this, among other things, because yesterday at the end of the day we saw that it suddenly became busier with strolling public,” said a spokesman for the municipality of Rotterdam.

Reporter Hendrik-Willem Hofs agrees. “What you see here in Rotterdam is that a lot of young people also come to the city. That’s because they see the city center as a kind of meeting place. They can’t go to the catering industry, the sports fields are closed for people over 18 and then they come but to the city. “

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To spread

Retailers in Rotterdam say that closing stores earlier is not a solution. It is precisely by keeping shops open longer that you can spread the crowds, their association says. But according to the municipality, it turned out yesterday that this is not true. Then the official closing time was 8pm, but it also got too busy. That is why the shops had to close at 7.10 pm.

Tomorrow the shops in the center of Rotterdam and in the shopping centers Alexandrium and Zuidplein will close at 5 p.m. The municipality calls for purchases to be made online as much as possible.

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