Mayor about commotion around church services in Staphorst: ‘It doesn’t bother me’ | Coronavirus

The commotion about the large number of visitors in the churches of Staphorst and the ascending number corona infections in the congregation today led to fewer churchgoers during Sunday service. How does acting mayor Gerrit Jan Kok (VVD) view all the commotion? And what does he think of the measures taken? A conversation on Sunday about the situation in the village.

A hundred men at the service in the church, that’s what got out of the conversations?

“I’m not going to repeat the numbers reporting about it I have also read. I don’t know exactly how many people have been. This is the interpretation they have given. There is plenty of space in the building. And of course there has been consultation. As a policy team, we meet every week. “

Is it difficult to consult with the opinion everyone has about it?

“No, the consultation takes place in peace and openness. Everyone has their own responsibility in it. We see the problem and look for appropriate measures that need to be taken. That is our job. ”

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