Maye wants to play and Pin doesn’t want to risk a relapse


Luke Maye gets in shape, albeit alone, at the Palacio de los Deportes. / alfredo aguilar

Coviran Granada

“If he is in good condition, we don’t expect him to be at his best either,” warns the Covirán coach.

Luke Maye still does not participate in the Covirán group training. The president of the CB Granada Foundation, Óscar Fernández-Arenas, told this medium that he hoped that the American would join the preparatory session, held at the Palacio de los Deportes, together with his teammates from the first team, but he did not It was like this.

The North Carolina center did step on the floor at the beginning of the week, but with the youth squads from the subsidiary. Maye commented that “I’m better” and, when asked if he will play against Fuenlabrada, he said that “we’ll see.”

The American really wants to return, but both the president and the coach Pablo Pin are cautious and await the medical recommendation. “It will be difficult for him to play on Sunday,” said the Nasrid coach, while explaining that “he is doing things without opposition and with little intensity,” so he may see his contest premature.

She also doesn’t want to force him because she’s worried about a relapse, which would be much worse. “If he’s fit, we don’t expect him to be on top either,” Pin added. The intention is for him to sit on the bench, wondering if he will have minutes.

Tomorrow Friday will be the last group appointment because on Saturday there will be shooting.

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Regarding Todorovic, Pin clarified that “everything went well in the operation. Dejan will now be without support for six weeks, and the recovery is estimated to be about three or four months off. It is not known if he will be able to play again this season, it is risky to say it, the important thing is that he knows that the club is there to help him, he has had bad luck ».

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