Maybe Microsoft is already on it

Since the launch of the first Mac with Apple M1 a question has floated in the environment: Will it be possible to see Windows 10 running on Apple M1? Let’s remember that ARM is not, far from it, something new for Redmond. Quite the contrary, Windows 10 ARM is already a few years old, its leap to desktop systems began to be raised five years ago, it has not hesitated to design a SoC half with Qualcomm for its Surface Pro X and that, as we have recently learned, could be working on the design of new chips based on this architecture.

In the first moment, Doubts could be raised as to whether Apple would be interested in this movement occurring Or, on the contrary, the idea of ​​Windows 10 in Apple M1 did not enter into the plans of those of Cupertino. However, all doubts in this regard were cleared when Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, said: “that really depends on Microsoft ». “We have the core technologies to do that, to run their ARM version of Windows, which in turn, of course, supports x86 mode applications.”.

That is, there is no technological limitation for it, and his statement continued by saying “But that’s a decision Microsoft has to make in order to license that technology, for users to run it on these Macs. But Macs are certainly very capable of doing it. “. Windows 10 on Apple M1 (and its successors) is perfectly doable. With this comment, Federighiy and Apple put the ball in Microsoft’s court.

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And if we were waiting for the response from Redmond, today we had it (even indirect) and un tweet by Omar Shahine, Vice President of OneDrive, SharePoint and Microsoft Lists. The tweet says the following «Damn this is awesome! Windows 10 ARM running on MacBook Air M1. Great performance and battery life! Thanks @ParallelsMac and @Microsoft for releasing the Windows ARM build!«. And it is that, even with software involved, Windows 10 can already be used on Apple M1.

Although, at first glance, it might appear that the message simply thanks Microsoft for the ARM version of Windows 10 and Parallels for their software, There are already several voices that point out that Microsoft has collaborated with Parallels to make what we see in the tweet possible. That is, Microsoft would be working to make Windows 10 on Apple M1 a reality. And if you’ve collaborated with Parallels, it’s easy to imagine that you’re also taking the necessary steps so that Windows 10 ARM can run directly (that is, without Parallels in between) on Apple computers.

And it would make perfect sense that this were the case, even more so if we consider the effort Microsoft is making to bring its applications and services to Apple’s new architecture, and the recent announcement of x64 application support in Windows 10 ARM. With all these signs, and still without any official confirmation, we can be optimistic and think that Windows 10 on Apple M1 could become a reality sometime in 2021.

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