Maya Manolova pushes to Boyko Borisov’s bedroom in “Palamara” (VIDEO)

Maya Manolova in the hunting farm “Palamara”

Maya Manolova surprisingly visited the Palamara hunting farm, which various people claim was used by former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov for secret meetings. On Monday, the head of the forestry agency, Alexander Dunchev, was there for inspection, along with Democratic Bulgaria MP Vladislav Panev. Then the management of the hunting lodge let the two of them examine the rooms inside, as well as the beautiful yard where deer walk.

In a live broadcast on his Facebook profile, the leader of “Stand” and its associates tried to enter through the portal of the residence, but the locked doors stopped them.

The Audit Commission, chaired by Manolova, contacted the Forestry Agency that there was no access to Palamara for ordinary people. Afterwards, Alexander Dunchev and Vladislav Panev visited the hut and even showed the bedroom, which is said to be used by the former prime minister, as well as the one where his bodyguards slept. Then they assured Manolova that she already had access.

After several attempts to enter “Palamara”, Maya Manolova and her people still managed to peek inside, but only on the ground floor, where the sofas for relaxation and hunting trophies are, they did not reach the VIP bedroom.

The hunting lodge near the Shumen village of Venets is known for the fact that the tenant there is the former head of the State Forestry and local head of the MRF Beyzat Yahya, who was expelled from the party because of his friendship with Boyko Borissov.

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