May God keep us together .. Maha Ahmed and Adel Magdy Kamel celebrate his brother’s birthday

Adel Magdy Kamel posted a picture of him and his brother on his personal account on the social networking site Instagram, where he celebrated the birthday of his brother Ahmed, who has special needs.

Actress Maha Ahmed and Adel Magdy Kamel celebrated his brother’s birthday:

He commented on that picture and said, “Every year and you are good, my brother, my dear, our Lord keeps you for me and never deprives you of the most precious thing in my life. I am without you and there is no need, and you know this how well I know that I love you so much, because you are the angel in my life.

He added, “You are life, and you are the need that you will prefer for its longevity, clean in my life, and your heart is white and clear, and every year and we are with each other and in the midst of some time, my brother, my friend, my parents, every need in my life, no matter what I speak about you, the words will not be saved because you do not need words because you are still from me and your blood.” It is my blood.

He continued his words and said, “Our Lord, save us for some and give us to our family, O dearest, most precious, sweetest, compassionate, and most beautiful brother in the world, I love you, my brother, O angel, while the artist Magdy Kamel and the artist Maha Ahmed previously talked about their son in an interview with the program Me and my daughter in March 2019.”

They described him as representing life and paradise for them in all the meaning of the word, and he is the provision of God and their first child, and the artist Magdy Kamel said that their son Ahmed is tantamount to discrimination from God to them and that it is not considered a test, as some believe, as he advised every mother who has a child like their son.

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