May God help us 6 triumphs with Geneva. But the final sled for Sanremo

God help us 6, the fiction with Elena Sofia Ricci in the role of Sister Angela, triumphs once again. The episode of February 18, broadcast on Rai 1, is the most watched program of the evening, winning 5,516,000 spectators equal to 22.9% share. A real success for the sixth season of the series, equal to the novelty of the Commissioner Ricciardi.

For the other shows there is no hope and competition is fierce even at Rai. In fact, the broadcast on Rai 3 conducted by Giorgio Panariello and Marco Giallini, He is worse than me, it stopped at 4.4% share, despite was a guest in the studio Fiorella Mannoia. And the Mediaset networks did not go better, crashed with La Pupa and the Nerdy and the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

In other words, Elena Sofia Ricci, aka Sister Angela and her girls are unbeatable. Thanks to the sympathy of Azzurra, played by Francesca Chillemi (read our interview) who in the episodes aired on Thursday 18 February is committed to helping her friend Monica (Diana Del Bufalo) to win back Nico (Gianmarco Saurino), thanks to Erasmo (Erasmo Genzini) who has finally found a family and is consolidating the relationship with his father , making Sister Angela quite jealous. But it is above all what keeps viewers nailed to the screen Geneva (Simonetta Columbu) e his haunted romance with Nico.

The girl knows she was wrong but fails to confess his mistake to her boyfriend and when he does, Nico’s reaction is so violent that it scares her to the point of running away. But the escape will be fatal and will lead her to intensive care. Fortunately, everything turns out for the best and with a renewed marriage proposal, even if the Geneva fans are not so convinced that she and the lawyer will get married, as some comments on the Instagram profile of God help us 6: “Although I am a supporter of the GiNico couple, I don’t think there will be their wedding. 😢 “. Others would like an exchange of couples: “I hope for a different ending😅Monica and Nico, Ginevra and Erasmo😍”, “MONICA AND NICO GET MARRIED”. Indeed, most viewers hope that Ginevra will change her mind and become engaged to Erasmo: “But poor Erasmo put in the corner 😢 cmq I hope until the end for Monica and Nico and Ginevra and Erasmo and I wish it were so”. “Nico was too hasty in telling everyone that he and Ginevra are getting married. She too after the push that Nico gave him immediately to say yes…. I hope they will both reconsider, otherwise Monica and Erasmo will have an exaggerated package for the third time ”.

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But to know how things will go, we will have to wait longer than necessary. In fact, the grand finale was scheduled for Thursday 4 March, but obviously will slip to make way for the Sanremo Festival which takes place in that very week. Meanwhile Simonetta Columbu anticipates in an interview with Fanpage that Ginevra will arrive at a definitive choice between Nico and Erasmo: “Ginevra faces couple problems with Nico, which are mostly inner conflicts, unresolved aspects with which she is dealing. In this series, he will be able to untie these knots. I can anticipate that it will come to an absolutely mature conclusion ”.

And on the postponement of the season finale, she is sure that the public will not like: “Viewers will be pissed off like crazy and they are right. When fans get so passionate about a show, they just have to have a reaction. It will be tough. It is not easy to wait until March 11th. They will get angry. I am in solidarity with them, God forbid ”. Meanwhile, on her Instagram profile there is no lack of compliments and everyone agrees in defining her beautiful.


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