“May God Bless You” – Behind the Scenes of “A Message to the Wali” Unveiled: Yousra’s Emotional Turmoil and Negligence Sparks Outrage Among Film Crew – State of the Country

But what many people may not know about the movie is that one of its scenes caused a wound to Yousra’s back when the late Mustafa Metwally threatened Adel Imam through

Her dress during a scene that no one who saw it expected would cause panic and panic for the filming crew and those present in the scene.

As soon as Mostafa Metwally grabbed the dress and pulled it tight, Yousra screamed terribly because of her intense pain because the dress was not designed as it was agreed upon in a way that it fell off as soon as it was grabbed by Metwally, as its threads were very strong, contrary to what was expected, so cutting it was not easy on Yousra’s back.

With Metwally’s strength and the intensity of the threads, Yusra’s body bled to scream, and the filming stopped, then everyone had to check on the big star, from director Nader Jalal and Adel Imam, along with Mustafa Metwally, who continued to present a series of apologies to Yousra.

After a period of reassurance about Yousra, the big star was keen to complete the filming, keen to finish it so that they would not have to disrupt it and start over another day, which is what Yusra and all the big stars are always used to in their work because of their belief in the importance of time in completing their work.

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