May 2023 Car Registration Report: Constant Growth & Power Supply Trends in Italy

CONSTANT GROWTH – In May 2023 there was an increase in Italy car registrations new equal to 23,1%compared to the same period of 2022. Looking at the period of the first five months of the year, registrations amounted to 702,339 units, with a growth of 26.1% compared to the 557,031 in the period January-May 2022.

POWER SUPPLIES – Between the power supplies, the motor a gas reaches 28.6% (27.8% in the cumulative, with +0.5%), the diesel rises to 19.5% (19.6% in the cumulative) and the Gpl it rises to 8.4% (8.8% in the first 5 months), while the methane it stops at 0.1% both in the month and in the cumulative. The ECVs, the so-called green cars, still struggle with the electric (BEV) al 4,1% of the total and plug-in hybrids at 4.7%, with an overall share of 8.8%, slightly up on April’s 7.9%. Hybrid cars account for 34.7% of preferences (35.4% in the aggregate), with 10.3% for full hybrids and 24.4% for mild hybrids.

I SEGMENTS – An analysis of the various segments shows a sharp reduction in the share of companies in May citycar (segment A), at 9.2%, with a reduction of SUVs in the same segment (at 1.7%). The share of sedans and SUVs is growing compact, belonging to the so-called segment B, respectively 19.5% and 28% of the total. Between the average (segment C) and the medium to large (segment D), the share of both sedans (5.5% and 1% respectively) and SUVs (20.8% and 6% respectively) grew. In the top-of-the-range range, SUVs grew, reaching 1.8%, while sedans fell slightly to 0.2%. Station wagons represent 3.8% of the total, MPVs 1.6% and sports cars 0.9%.

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TYPES OF CUSTOMERS – In terms of users i private recorded double-digit growth, settling at 53.5%, with a loss of 5.7%. Self-registrations rose to an 8.3% share (-2.3%), stable at 8.8% in the aggregate. The b in May comes to represent over 1/4 of total registrations. The recovery of short-term rental continued, reaching 7.4%, with a growth of 1.2% (6.3% in the cumulative). The companies rise, amounting to 5.6% in the month and in the cumulative.

THE BUILDERS – The group Stellar confirms its leadership on the Italian market thanks to 49,493 cars. Alfa Romeo with 2,677 cars sold, DS with 1,031, Maserati with 373 cars (+176%), and Peugeot with 10,678 cars. Second place for the Volkswagen Group at 23,436, third for Gruppo Renault with 14,703 cars. Super growth for the DR Group, with 3,670 cars, MG, with 3,027 registrations, and Tesla, which last month recorded 1,477 units sold.

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