May 17 – Fills and fights in several places in the country

For the first time since 2019, young people across land and beach could finally meet for party and fun on National Day without corona restrictions.

It was a busy evening for the police around the country.

Around 22.20, the Eastern police district reports that several young people have gathered at Nordbytjernet in Jessheim.

– Several are visibly drunk, the police write on Twitter.

In Sandnes, a fight is reported between several people at 23.06.

– We were notified of a dozen people who were to be involved in a fight. When we arrived, it was calm on the spot, but we searched a bit in the area, says operations manager in the South-East police district, Olaug Bjørnsen to Dagbladet.

Mass fights

Already in the 20s, the police had to move out to Nøtterøy with eight patrol cars, after a report that around 20 young people are fighting on the spot. Police seized a pocket knife and a knuckle iron to be used in the fight and at least one person was sent to hospital with injuries.

The fighting took place in Rosahaugparken on Teie on Nøtterøy.

– It may look like he was stabbed with a broken bottle, based on the injuries. We are now investigating this, says operations manager in the South-East police district, Kristian Johnsrud.

He says that those involved are in their late teens and early 20s.

– None of those we have spoken to are from here, he says.

Accumulations at Oslo S

Half an hour later, the police in Oslo reported large gatherings of young people in Oslo S. The young people are said to be mainly between 13 and 17 years old.

– There are quite a few young people there – well over a hundred, says operations manager Gjermund Stokkli to Dagbladet.

At the same time, he told of a lot of pushing and approaching fights.

– There are many minors, and we are now there with a number of patrols to calm them down. We have to make them realize that they will go home soon, says Stokkli.

Run away from a fight

At 9 pm, a fight broke out between several people outside a nightclub in Storgata in Oslo.

– The person who was hit on the ground, lay down for a while. It all must have taken place inside the nightclub, Stokkli states.

Four people are said to have run from the scene before the police arrived.

Come with prayer

In Moss, a three-digit number of young people had gathered. Many of these are minors, and the police eventually found themselves having to go out with an invitation to the parents to pick up their children.

– It is difficult to say how many there are, but the reporter has said that it should be about at least 100 young people, says operations manager in the Eastern police district, Terje Skaftnes.

He says that the police have a patrol on the spot, at the same time as another patrol has been sent.

– An ambulance has also been sent, Skaftnes states.

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