Maxvol investment scam? recover the money

Alarmed investors are contacting me regarding the financial provider Maxvol ( There are problems with the payment of deposited funds. Payment does not take place despite a sustained demand.

If you have invested your money with Maxvol (, you must expect losses and criminal activities.

Any further payments should be stopped. Only when you know for sure that Maxvol ( can be trusted should new referrals be considered.

celebrity scam by scammers

Innocent investors are trapped by fake newspaper articles. Philipp Lahm makes exciting investments in cryptocurrencies or Robert Habeck shakes up banking cartels, according to the promises of fraudsters. Even inexperienced people can make money this way.

The respective website advertises with headlines and claims such as “Bitcoin is going to go up really soon”. Of course, everyone wants to win big money like stars in a short time, so the click is on convincing websites of the perpetrators behind the scam.

The hype surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is used by scammers to target users. On the websites you will also find catchy texts and many photos, which are intended to win the trust of unsuspecting users.

Well-known media websites like ZDF and ARD are also copied, the only thing that stands out is the different URL.

The potential customer should hurry, as the registration can only be done within a short period of time. After registration, the authors start their work.

Broker contact via WhatsApp

In addition to phone calls, WhatsApp is also a popular means of communication for author groups. According to my observations, all the information on WhatsApp, be it names or phone numbers or other information, is false.

Referrals at the broker also act with ID cards and send copies of ID cards to clients via email. You can’t even rely on this information. Fraudsters use foreign identities to communicate with customers.

Due to fake phone numbers or addresses, scam brokers cannot be traced with this data and other investigative actions are needed to “catch” the perpetrators.

Can I trust the numbers on my Maxvol ( account?

If the broker is a scam, you must assume that the required numbers and funds declared on the trading account do not exist in reality. Fraudulent brokers create no real value.

This is difficult for many sufferers to understand as their trading accounts show “movement” and activity. It is also understandable that all concerned are reluctant to admit their frauds and mistakes.

In this respect, it must be checked on a case-by-case basis whether the money has actually been invested in commodities, cryptocurrencies or other financial products and whether there is a counter value for the down payments.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in many cases, but scammers try to withdraw all funds they receive as quickly as possible. Payments in cryptocurrencies are particularly suitable for this due to the anonymity.

What does a specialist lawyer have to prove against Maxvol (

Not all lawyers can handle all areas of law with the same quality. Specializations are also important for lawyers.

Experiences with fraudulent brokers are important. Furthermore, multilingual communication must be possible. Many of the payment service providers involved are not based in Germany.

Many investment fraud victims get legal advice from me. I support those affected from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Are payment confirmations useful?

Brokers try to reassure customers or get additional money with payment confirmations of varying quality.

I am aware of cases where well-made copies of bank statements are presented. In some cases, customers also receive official-looking fakes from authorities or banks that are supposed to confirm a payment.

However, the money does not reach customers despite payment confirmations. It can be assumed that after a period of three to four working days fraud has occurred if no actual payment is received after such payment confirmation.

Lawyer vs Maxvol ( will give you your money back

You now have important information about Maxvol ( Now you have to decide whether you want to accept the Maxvol ( broker’s requests for further payments or rather put all your energy into recovering the deposited funds.

I would be happy to help you with my experience to take action against Maxvol (

Contact me at [email protected] and briefly describe your case. A keyword description is sufficient. I will therefore do everything to get your money back.

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