Maxime Switek says goodbye to “C à vous”

End of season and starting pot. Last night, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine presented the last issue of the 2019-2020 season of “C à vous”, the famous talk show of France 5 produced by 3ème Oeil Productions. And the “5 sur 5”, Maxime Switek’s chronicle, was a little different. Indeed, at the start of the school year, the journalist will leave the program to join the ranks of BFMTV where he will be in charge of the box from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. Yesterday, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and the team of “C à vous” therefore prepared a goodbye to her with different tributes, starting with an imitation of Donald Trump but also blooper and thanks from the team.

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I just wanted to obviously say goodbye to you tonight since it’s time to say goodbye to you. And say thank you. Thank you first to Pierre-Antoine Capton who, seven years ago, had the idea of ​​putting me on the air when I had never made a TV“, then began Maxime Switek at the time of thanks, remembering his cast of”four minutes“with Anne-Sophie Lapix. The journalist then thanked the host for him”to have spun this stool every night“, Patrick Cohen “to have been so demanding“, Marion Ruggieri”for (his) daily, eternal and flawless benevolence“, Antoine Genton for being his joker or Pierre Lescure for his support.

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In addition, Maxime Switek also announced the departure at the end of the season of Régis Lamanna-Rodat, historical producer of “C à vous”. “There are people who make you grow just by looking at you. Régis is one of them. I wanted to thank you buddy for being there for six years next to me“said Maxime Switek not without some emotion. invites you to discover the farewell of the columnist to “C to you”.

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