Maxime Meiland honest about quitting Chateau Meiland

Well, don’t panic! Who is afraid that Maxime now she one a new relationship has given up, can breathe a sigh of relief. She doesn’t see it happening yet.

The chilling daughter

“We see you all the time chilling with your mother, father and that child of yours”, Calvin jokes. “No just kidding, with your beautiful daughter. When will that moment come when you say, ‘It’s been nice all those cameras around me?’ ” The reality star has to think about that. “I just think when I’m fed up.”

Certain energy with crew

Fortunately, fans of Chateau Meiland nothing to fear for now. “I can’t really imagine it very well. We have such a nice team that we play with. Always the first night they come in a week like that it is standard a lot of wine and pizza”, she paints the picture. “Then it will be about one o’clock and everyone goes to bed whore horny. You raise each other up a bit, because you have a kind of energy together and you can see that on the screen.”

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