Maxime Meiland does not agree with the selling price of the castle

“We hope that the castle will be sold”, says the Meiland scion. “There are already a number of candidates, but it is just bad luck because of the whole situation. (…) I don’t think people think it is too expensive. We consulted at home to lower the selling price a little, but my feeling was no. actually think it’s kind of too cheap. We want to get rid of it, so you have to do something. “

Maxime also tells that her parents Martien and Erica recently went back to the castle and found a completely renovated palace there. “The electricity has been renewed, there are large septic tanks. You really buy a good building.” She therefore denounces all criticism of the castle. “It’s an amazing building. So I think it’s worth the original price.”

The castle is currently for sale for 998,000 euros. The Meiland family has therefore fallen a lot, because the original plan was to get 1.2 million euros for it. Fortunately, they do not fall into a financial hole, because Martien recently published a book. In it, the Meilandjes tell the whole story about Caroline’s departure. Below you can see everything about it.

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