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prepared to exit one hundred percent from self-isolation. True, it was a necessary measure – the actor realized that for a long sitting at home he had lost his form.

Maxim abandoned the sport and gained weight. And also, according to him, he began to drink alcohol too often.

Realizing all this, Vitorgan did not engage in amateur performances, but decided to entrust himself to professionals and “surrendered” to a specialized medical institution.

There, the actor was examined, according to the results, they were put on a rigid diet and a course of recovery procedures was prescribed.

And now the course of treatment is completed. Vitorgan is very pleased with the results

“Thank you (refers to the organization) for taking away all that is unnecessary, and in return leaving good spirits and lightness of the body!” Your souls sharko, underwater and surface massages (by the way, massage therapists – I visited three — one is better than the other) are already beckoning me back. Hipoxy walks / runs (this is such a “vacuum” suit) – my new love! Special thanks for the diet! At first I was sad: little and no salt at all, and then I met a friend who was on complete starvation and realized that life was beautiful! And on the third day I thought: why am I not eating so always ?! I visited a cosmetologist for the first time in my life! Women, why did you hide it from us ?! And by the way, one of the few places on Earth where there was a hotel gown of my size! ”, He wrote on the Instagram microblog.

Well, now with renewed vigor – to work!

“The pipe is calling! “Tomorrow I’m leaving for the filming binge for a couple of months!”

As before reported “Rambler”, at and Maxim Vitorgan – anniversary of the relationship. Recall that the novel of Nino and Maxim became known in 2019.
A few weeks earlier, Vitorgan announced a divorce from his third wife. , from which he grows up 3-year-old son Plato.

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