Max Verstappen inspires children in Sports Illustrated: “Cycling in New York is also dangerous”

While Lewis Hamilton is proudly featured on the cover of the American fashion magazine Vanity Fair this week, his competitor from last season is on the cover of Sports Illustrated Kids. Max Verstappen tells in the magazine that is intended for children about his road to Formula 1 and how dangerous he finds the sport.

Verstappen has been working on his way to Formula 1 from an early age and that is of course also a good example for the youth who look up to the world champion. What was Verstappen so interested in Formula 1? “The speed, being so low to the ground, finding the limits of the car and finding yourself. Of course also the engines and the smell of petrol. Those kinds of things really interested me as a child,” he says in the magazine .

Taking an extra step

An important role in the road to Formula 1 was of course reserved for father Jos Verstappen. When Max’s classmates were playing football during the break from school, he and his father were busy discussing karting and circuits. “You need that mentality of working hard from childhood. There are a lot of talented kids and drivers out there who can do a fast lap. It’s just about taking that extra step and asking yourself how you can get better and beat other kids .”

Danger of the sport

Of course, the royal class is often labeled ‘dangerous’, and although Verstappen does not deny that, he gives children a small nuance and puts it in perspective. “Cycling through New York is also very dangerous, isn’t it? I think there’s a higher chance of having an accident there than in Formula 1. It just depends on how you look at things. It’s also easy to get out of.” sliding into the shower”, the Dutchman concludes with a laugh.

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