Max Elite Introduces Seasonic New Focus GX ATX 3.0 Series Power Supplies

Max Elite Introduces Seasonic New Focus GX ATX 3.0 Series Power Supplies

– Three models released: 750W, 850W, and 1000W.

[smartPC사랑=이백현 기자] Max Elite (Co-CEOs: Myeong Jae-deok and Yang Kyung-hoon), which supplies Seasonic and Maxwell power supplies to the domestic market, has launched the ‘SEASONIC NEW FOCUS GX ATX 3.0 series (hereinafter referred to as Focus GX ATX), which supports 80PLUS GOLD certification and ATX 3.0 3.0 series).

ATX 3.0 requires a much higher level of output stability than previous generation power supplies. According to Intel’s guidelines, power supplies that support ATX 3.0 must be able to maintain an output of 200% of the rated capacity for 100 milliseconds (ms, 1/1000th of a second).

Seasonic Focus GX ATX 3.0 not only meets the applicable standards, but also uses a standard 140mm chassis and is equipped with a 135mm FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) cooling fan to ensure long lifespan. Additionally, it effectively controls the heat generated by the higher output limit and provides greater quietness at the same time.

The mesh pattern cable that does not require a separate sleeved cable is also an advantage of the Seasonic power supply. In addition to being able to selectively install only the cables needed to configure the system in a fully modular manner, the mesh pattern cable, which is similar to the expensive sleeving cables commonly used for tuning PCs, provides the same level of protection as sleeving cables. Provides tuning effect.

MaxElite said, “Seasonic is a brand that is itself a history of power supply,” and “The product that sets the standard for a high-quality power supply that meets ATX 3.0 is the Focus GX ATX 3.0.”

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