Max Abmas, the arsonist revelation of March Madness!

quipe : Oral Roberts Golden Eagles (Sophomore)

age: 20 years

Height: 1m85

Weight: 73 kg

Wingspan: 192 cm

Position: Leader

Current comparison: Lou Williams

2020/2021 statistics: 24.6 points (47%), 3.8 assists, 3.2 rebounds and 1.5 steals in 37 minutes per game.

Max Abmas is one of the most spectacular players the NCAA has given us this season. After a decent first season for Oral Roberts, it seems that the point guard has taken advantage of the Covid crisis to redouble his efforts, coming back this season stronger than ever. Yet this player almost came out of nowhere, since he was only a two-star rookie when he arrived in the NCAA! An extremely rare fact among the players pretending to the first round of the Draft, which one always finds among the recruits 4 or 5 stars. From 24.6 points per game, Abmas earned the coveted title of the country’s all-conference scorer in the NCAA last season just ahead of Luka Garza, inside Iowa read best player. Enough to expand his CV. Max Abmas was also noticed during the March Madness, where his team managed the feat of beating second seed, Ohio State, at the end of a breathtaking overtime where his 29 points went a long way to help complete the race. one of the most sensational upsets of the college season. After such a brilliant season, the point guard Oral Roberts is bound to be noticed by all the scouts. We must admit that very rare are the scorers of his caliber. How his game could fit the NBA is the whole question. Presentation.


We are not going to go four ways, the main strength of Max Abmas is of course his ability to be a magnificent soloist, capable of scoring almost any position on a floor, with regularity and efficiency. It was not by drilling that he shot 24 points per game, but very efficient, 47% shooting, including 43% three points and 89% free throws! Extraordinary success percentages of maturity at this level, which give him an incredible 63% in real shooting for a point guard. With 5 games over 35 points this season, he has also proven that his consistency makes him an indefensible player, no matter what. He has absolutely indefensible clinical fire, whether on the pull-up (Top 5% NCAA efficiency in this industry), or on catch and shoot thanks to its fast and very fluid mechanics. His ability to get a lot of throws, and convert them, is also reassuring about his future adaptation. Still on this point, Max Abmas is a player who will penalize almost every blows a defender who chooses to go under the notches in front of him. His pull-ups out of the screen were repeated in the hundreds last season, with the percentages you know. Max Abmas is a top offensive superstar.


So like many offensive superstars passed from the NCAA to the NBA before him, Max Abmas will now have to undergo a brutal adaptation to the adult world. Whatever happens, he will land in July in a team with confirmed players who will not give him any gifts, supervised by coaches who will inevitably leave him less offensive responsibilities. On Oral Roberts’ side, Abmas had all the balls, and it’s unclear how he’ll react to changing the context. He’s a one-dimensional scorer who can’t really create for others, and his drive-throwing illusions may well be damaging to him. In defense, he will also naturally be confronted with a change of dimension that is difficult to assume. He is only 85 meters tall, and is bound to be targeted, as he was in the NCAA as an easy target to clear on. pick and roll, or even in a direct duel.


Today, we can imagine to caricature that two paths can open Max Abmas for his NBA career. The most likely first is to follow the path of a player like Payton Pritchard The 2020 Draft. This equally legendary scorer Oregon had obtained a choice at the end of the first round with the Celtics, who use him today very differently than in the NCAA while taking advantage of his very complete offensive arsenal. In the same style, Abmas could follow this path and find a place in NBA rotation very quickly. But unlike his counterpart in 2020, this leader is not a senior and we have the feeling that his offensive room for improvement is still large, that he can become even more lthal than today! So we can imagine him landing in New York at the start of the second round, in a team in dire need of new offensive solutions on his backcourt, with very few contracted players entering the offseason. There, Max Abmas could very quickly be empowered, keep a significant number of shooting tickets, and perhaps become the offensive superstar that some see in him. When we see such a talent for scoring, we can say that all hopes are high for the franchise which will attempt the bet, with a profit which could well be enormous.

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