Maverick Viñales: “The brake exploded and I couldn’t do anything”

The Yamaha rider spoke about what happened to him in the Moto GP final and remarked that he said goodbye to the fight for the crown.

Maverick Viñales had to throw himself off his Yamaha during the Moto GP race at the Styrian Grand Prix, the sixth round of the season, due to brake problems. The bike caught fire after hitting the restraints.

“I started quite well, the bike was fantastic in the first laps. I was squeezing Dovi, but with top speed it was difficult. I passed him once, but I saw that I couldn’t, that it was easy for me on the straight. I said to myself: ‘come on. to let laps go by ‘to get on the rhythm. I started to lose pressure on the front brakes. I was trying, I went long once and saw that it would be difficult. I did three laps slow, they came back a little, I pressed and ran out of brakes. it exploded and I couldn’t do anything “Viñales said in statements reproduced by Marca newspaper.

And I add: “It is something that had never happened to me, they had ever taken me down. I could not do anything. I couldn’t stop the bike. “

For his part, the Spaniard referred to the feeling of having to jump off the Yamaha. “I’m scared of nothing, a lot of anger. I just can’t do anything. Fortunately, the circuits are safe enough so that if something like this happens, you can have reaction time. A lot of anger inside and a lot of frustration. In the end, I think I can be much more ahead of what we are “, he pointed out.

Meanwhile, the native of Roses lamented the poor results of the last competitions. “In the last race, I had no brake problems. They were three great opportunities that were thrown away. My shoulder and elbow hurt.”, he indicated.

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“In three races we had a very good opportunity to snatch a lot of points from Fabio. There have been many failures in these three races. We cannot ask for much more if we are failing. We must not lose focus, because we are fast and that is what more important. The day will come when we can square everything and have a perfect race “, he expanded.

In closing, Viñales remarked that he is saying goodbye to the fight for the crown. “We had three errors in a row. We forgot about the World Cup. We have to be positive because things change fast. We had three chances because of Fabio (Quartararo) problems and he could be ahead in the World Cup. But things are like that”, he concluded.


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