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The film season is not even in the middle and it already has quite possibly the best film of the year. The sequel to the cult Air Gunman of the 1980s, this time with the subtitle Maverick, fulfilled all the expectations promised by the bloated trailers, and director Joseph Kosinski and the ageless Tom Cruise serve pure entertainment.

I’m in vain after the press screening Top Gun: Maverick he searched in his head the last time I saw the sequel to the film, which was made decades ago, and it was many times better. Usually, such an act turns out at best as a nostalgic memory, which will please the fans, but not particularly dazzling. A perfect example is the cult Trainspotting and I would be lying if I said that somewhere in the corner of my mind I was not afraid of this result even in the case of Top Gun.

First part He didn’t appeal to me as a millennial. It was created in 1986, and although director Tony Scott’s work was an unquestionable hit in his years, it got so damn old and you can see it in it. Not only was it a surprise to me that the Hollywood leaders knocked out the sequel at all. At that time, expectations were virtually nil. But when the clever director Joseph Kosinski (Unconscious, TRON: Legacy) joined the film and Christopher McQuarrie, the man who is responsible for the last and by far the best parts of Mission Impossible, worked on the screenplay, expectations have risen rapidly. And it must be said that it has been completely fulfilled, if it has not been immediately overcome.

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Action film and personal drama

The rebel pilot returned to the game Pete “Maverick” Mitchell with a face that is ageless and still excellent Toma Cruise. This time he is not an inexperienced ear, but a seasoned ace. The problem, however, is that for superiors, it is only an excavation, which is only suitable for teaching other pilots, which will also be in charge. Specifically, it aims to prepare young pilots for a seemingly impossible event.

The main plot is thus completely trivial and does not deal too much with any negative or threat. It is referred to here as the “enemy state”, which produces enriched uranium, and thus it goes out. Although it struck me at first, I eventually understood that there was not much film about it. It is mainly about the main character, who fights with time, age and old demons in the form of the death of a partner from number one. Maverick thus has to deal not only with his future career, but also with the tense relationship between him and the son of the deceased friend of the copilot.. It is necessary to add that the inner divisions of the main character are believable and make sense.

That’s why the new Top Gun is not just a movie about flying in fighter jets. But don’t get me wrong, you get more than enough of it and the action is absolutely great. Already in the first minutes, when Maverick tries to overcome the speed of Mach 10, the tension could be cut and the adrenaline from the screen gushing in all directions. Kosinski manages the action in first place and cleverly combines it with his sense of ingenious shots, which literally pleases the eye. The film is visually top notch and the creators exhibit in scenes both in the air and on the beach.

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It will delight fans and new spectators

A big plus is that that the creators manage to work well with nostalgia, which they dose with feeling, and do not put extreme pressure on the saw. Fans of the first part, as well as new audiences, will enjoy themselves with the 1986 film Unkiss. I’ve seen him myself for a long time, and I didn’t mind at all, I was familiar with the story.

The only thing that looks like a thorn in my eye is how the superiors treat the main character. She repeatedly proves that he is the best pilot in the world, yet everyone illogically thinks that he does not have it and that he cannot lead that dangerous mission. But otherwise it’s just a little bit of a really successful film that has almost everything. Whether it’s action, humor, tension or beautiful women (Jennifer Connelly looks incredible for her years) or nice new characters who are dominated by the talented Miles Teller. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had a third episode here in a few years, because if the creators keep this bar, please yes!

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