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Great expectations for yesterday’s episode of White paper where a return of Mauro Corona after the violent quarrel between him and Bianca Berlinguer two weeks ago on broadcast.

And instead of Mauro Corona not even the shadow e Bianca Berlinguer he never even mentioned him.

The quarrel between Mauro Corona and Bianca Berlinguer gave a lot of annoyance to the RAI leaders

There is no doubt that the quarrel occurred between Mauro Corona and Bianca Berlinguer bothered both at the top of Rai than to the audience who attended, why Mauro Corona he went much further and apostrophized Bianca Berlinguer “hen”Offending not only the journalist but also all women.

The quarrel was born from a brake that put the Berlinguer in Corona while he was advertising a hotel and he said like this: “Listen Bianchina, if you want me here all season let me tell you things. Otherwise I send it to the shit and leave. From tonight the show is leading by itself, chicken!”.

The Berlinguer she told him not to allow himself to call her that and he walked away under the incredulous gaze of Claudio Amendola which at that time was also connected with the Berlinguer.

Rai’s decision and Bianca Berlinguer’s outstretched hand

After this story, the Rai he issued a statement that said: “His repeated insults constitute an offense not only to Dr. Berlinguer but towards women in general. Thus the Mr. Corona has violated the legal provisions and ethical principles aimed at promoting gender equality and respect for the image and dignity of women. Rai’s programming is based on these mandatory principles and will therefore undertake all appropriate actions against the sig. Corona in order to protect the cultural and professional image and dignity of the host and the public service role of the Rai”.

Ma Bianca Berlinguer, passed the first moment in which she felt deeply offended and annoyed by the attitude of Mauro Corona who is actually not new to certain utterances even if the last time he really exaggerated, he said: “The hope is that Mauro Corona once this situation has been praised and after a reflection by both of us, he can return to us., as always arousing approval and hostility but truly saving us offenses and insults forever ”.

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