Matuš’s panic before Lucinka’s birth: GREAT PAINTER!

“I’ve known from some people for a long time that theaters would close and concerts would be banned. So I was counting on it, and as long as I could, I drove like two people a day to save something and survive the artistic lockdown. Lucinka and I will soon have a baby girl, I am responsible for both. I help my mother and brother to do that, but actually everyone they need, “said Bohuš Matuš.

Bohuš Matuš finally admitted: We have sex with Lucinka (16)! There is nothing to be ashamed of!

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“Everything is fine so far, I live on financial resources, but when it is by June, it will be difficult. I think they won’t let us on the podium until June, at least that’s how I have the information. But it’s all over the world, and even our government can’t do anything about it. There is no reason for them to swear if they are not to blame. I am one of those who understand the measures, take them and I believe that they will be better again, “he hoped, adding that they and their partner are ready for everything.

“Now Lucinka and I have bought ten kilograms of beef for the freezer, which we love in every way, and we will wait for it to pass. Lucinka is already in her eighth month, all the results are fine, I can’t wait to finally become a dad, “he added.

Strict Bohuš Matuš decided: Never again with Lucinka!

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