“Maturity is also having fun,” says Magda Wiet-Hénin from Nancy.

Europe championship

This Saturday in Manchester

The ”Regional Arena” in Manchester remains a place steeped in history for the Nancéienne. It was on these areas that the PUNCH Nancy fighter had then won her first podium in the senior world championship… in 2019. This bronze medal (-62 kg), the Nancy has since enhanced it with a second in silver (-67kg) last year during the World Championships held in Ryad. Inevitably after four podiums at Euros 2014, 2016, 2019 and 2021, Magda Wiet-Hénin is one of the dreaded draws this Saturday. And her short-lived appearance at the Olympics, where she came out to everyone’s surprise in the first round, appears today as a non-event for her opponents. Magda has indeed gone through her season without a hitch with six podiums in her six international outings, including the last three in gold. World No. 3 in -67 kg, behind the two Olympic Games finalists, Matea Jelic and Lauren Williams, Magda chose: “I’m coming to a point in my career when maturity is also about having fun, having fun. to bring my techniques into the fight, it’s the only way to satisfaction”. If there is a before and after Olympic Games for Magda, it is there. In this case, the Nancy has thus refined rather than changed its approach preserving an entourage with the arrival of a mental trainer attached to INSEP.

An immutable rule

After an internship in South Korea, with some ”home” sparring, the Nancéienne took the direction of Manchester without however derogating from her pre-competition rule: “Although the coach of the France team, Rosendo Alonso, a little insisted, I remain on my principle, it is also to spend a peaceful last night”… The Nancéienne indeed refuses to know the draws of the oppositions to discover them the morning of the competition. With, logically, either the Croatian and Olympic champion Matea Jelic or the English Laurenn Williams to find in the semi-finals. If the first, tall slender, succeeds less in Nancy (4 defeats, 1 defeat), the second is more digestible (2 wins, one defeat)… On the way to gold.

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