Mattoni started offering flavored mineral water in a golden can Companies and markets

Prague They can also buy mineral water in a container. The crowns are yours. The project was created by the Mattoni logo and the online supermarket, where a drink is available. The companies have been offering PET bottles together since January. Preference over the classic ones is about 70 percent of their customers. Representatives of the company said this at the Wednesday virtual press conference.


In a plated liter of a can, people can buy sparkling water with lemon flavor, according to the PR manager of the company Mattoni 1873 Andrey Broov, this is the earliest favorite. This is the first Mattoni in a can in the entire 150-year history of the characters, said Mattoni 1873 CEO Alessandro Pasquale.

The Association of Breweries and Malthouses is also actively involved in the topic of criminal packaging, said its executive director Martina Ferencov.

According to Stepan Vashkevich from the Institute of Circular Economics, 700 million cans were sold in the Czech Republic last year. Compared to 2018, it was about 100 million tonnes. According to him, the number of cans sold in the country has tripled in the last ten years. According to EKO-KOM’s estimates, only about ten cans out of ten will be issued, he said. VR plon does not work a circular system, where the use of PET bottles could be made new and the use of cans, said Broov, who is also a member of the initiative

Legislative changes are necessary for the efficient handling of these beverage packaging, which will allow the introduction of an evil system obligatory for all manufacturers, she said.

The House rejected the mandatory malignant PET bottles, which were proposed by the People’s Deputies. On the contrary, from 2022, Slovakia will introduce a shop for plastic bottles and cans. We are currently getting acquainted with the functional model of criminal packaging that they practice in Slovakia, said Ferencov from the Association of Breweries and Malthouses.


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