Mattias Norlinder wears Henrik Lundqvist in training

During the pandemic, the rules of the game no longer exist. Training with an opponent in the spring, as in the off season, is allowed.

Because CH Mattias Norlinder’s hope was in the same place as Henrik Lundqvist, he was part of the group which was used to help the Rangers’ goalkeeper keep himself in touch. game shape.

As Tout Sur Le Hockey reports, the two men trained with Lucas Raymond and Karl Henriksson. They skated and, although there is no indication that Norlinder will play again this year, he was there.

If the King of New York wanted to be challenged, he chose his man well. Why? Because the hope of the Flannel took the opportunity to serve a cup of coffee two milks, two sugars to the keeper.

See for yourself. How beautiful is that?

He literally imitated the classic pretense of Peter Forberg, and this, in a fairly fluid way.

And yet, that was not what he had in mind at the outset. He hadn’t planned, but he decided to try it (when the camera was open) … and it worked. And to do it against the excellent goalkeeper, it’s worth gold for him.

Recall that the young defender has seen flowers thrown in recent weeks. This allows him to prepare adequately for his next challenge, which is the first league in Sweden.

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Recognized for playing the right game, he may not have the chance to make this feint often in the NHL. But knowing that he is able to take a rabbit out of his hat is a good omen for the CH, right?

A lot of

– Not necessarily.

– Big news in the NFL: Cam Newton will replace Tom Brady in New England.

– It is not dramatic, indeed.

– Much better than going to Florida.

– Are you looking forward to this happening again?

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