Matthew McConaughey shares – quite – his parents’ intimate moment

Actor Matthew McConaughey is working on his memoirs. And he’s already dropping a bomb ahead of the release of ‘Green Lights’: he reveals that his father died during a game of sex.

With Matthew’s mother, then again. Bam. That’s how you come in. This also applies to James Donald McConaughey, the father of the American actor, who died in 1992. James and Kay, Matthew’s mother, had a rather stormy relationship, McConaughey tells the American entertainment magazine People.

Matthew McConaughey

When, between arguing and getting married – Mom and Dad married three times and divorced twice – they ended up in bed together again, things went wrong. McConaughey senior literally stayed in it. Literally. During the act he went into cardiac arrest. And Matthew thinks it’s a good death, he says: “He always said to us boys, I’m going to make love to your mother. And he died while he was peaking. ”

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