Matteo Salvini in Venice 2020 to watch the film Padrenostro, Favino: We didn’t invite him

The presence of Matteo Salvini and his girlfriend Francesca Verdini, at the screening of the film Our Father, to 77th Venice Film Festival. The film, directed by Claudio Noce, is based on the attack suffered by his father, the deputy commissioner of Rome Alfonso Noce, on December 14, 1976. The action of the terrorist organization Nuclei Armati Proletari, led to the injury to Noce’s legs. The policeman Prisco Palumbo and the terrorist Martino Zichitella lost their lives. Pierfrancesco Favino, protagonist of Padrenostro, commented on the announcement of Salvini’s presence in the room.

Pierfrancesco Favino on the presence of Matteo Salvini

Pierfrancesco Favino, called by Il Sole 24 Ore to comment on the announced presence of Matteo Salvini during the screening of Padrenostro, explained that the leader of the League was not invited directly by them. He considers it unlikely that there will be a meeting between them. Finally, he clarified that it is a film that talks about children, it is not a film designed to support policemen, so he hopes that Salvini does not make a trip to empty:

We didn’t invite him, I believe that everyone is free to go to the screenings. Knowing his ability to be there in an important moment, I am pleased. I don’t think we will meet. But if I have to think in terms of manipulation, I don’t think this is a film that gives this possibility, it is not manipulable. It is not a film pro cops or pro Nap (Proletarian Armed Nuclei), it is a film about children, about children so I hope yours is not an empty trip “.

The plot of Padrenostro

The film Padrenostro, which will hit theaters on September 24, is about a son, Valerio – played by Mattia Garaci – who is only ten years old. Like all children of his age, he has great imagination. There comes a time when his life changes dramatically. Together with his mother, in fact, he witnesses the attack on his father Alfonso, played by Pierfrancesco Favino. The daily life of Valerio and his family changes, because it is now imbued with fear and the feeling of being vulnerable.

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