Matheus (18) received a shock cut

Matheus Grande-Margenfeld (18) recently graduated from Narvik upper secondary school with top grades.

Now the road goes on to higher education, with an average of an incredible 6.4

– The main reason for the good grades is because I have good supporters. My mother and stepfather have set up and arranged my everyday life, and given me room to relax, he tells Dagbladet.

As 6 is the highest grade in Norway, it is not possible to get higher than 6 in grade point average. But if you add extra points for language and science, it is possible to end up with school points higher than 6, according to the website

TESTIMONY: A grade card with top results. Photo: Private
sea ​​view

In an interview with local newspapers Forwards tells the top student that the position grades he received are the highest possible grade point average one can achieve.

Grande-Margenfeld tells Dagbladet that he performed well from an early age and skipped the last year of junior high school.

Follows the dream

The dream is to enter the prestigious Honors program at the University of Oslo (UiO).

– The program is right up my alley for me because I can combine math and physics, he says to Dagbladet.

The young man can tell that math and physics are interests he has had since he was little.


The 18-year-old says that he has had great help from stand-on-will to achieve the good results.

Record finds in the river

Record finds in the river

The top student would also like to thank his grandparents, teachers and the counselor who got him into high school one year earlier than usual.

– It did not come as a shock to my friends when I showed my grade card. When I got home to the family, we celebrated the characters with a good dinner, he says.

– Work continuously

Grande-Margenfeld says that he has worked hard with his school work because he has wanted to perform well.

In addition, the top student found the study he wanted to study. The average to enter the program is 62.3, according to UiOs sides. Thus, the motivation to perform better in subjects such as Norwegian and religion was strengthened.

He has also spent much of his free time working on schoolwork.

Now the top student shares his best advice to other school students:

– Work continuously with the school work. Do not postpone things and remember to take breaks. It is also important to focus on mental health in order to perform well in school. Health comes first, and then school, he says.

Furthermore, Grande-Margenfeld adds that the right choice of program subject can provide more motivation to achieve good grades.

With top marks on the card, the Narvik boy does not want to give up right away. After completing his bachelor’s program, he aims for both a master’s and a doctorate.

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