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Mathematician Sediq Afghan Predicts Catastrophic Event in 2023

Many people are excited about the latest predictions of the Afghan mathematician Sediq Afghan, who became famous for his accurate predictions. The Nostradamus of the 21st century and the heir to Vanga, as he is sometimes called, shared his thoughts on what, in his opinion, awaits humanity on July 17, 2023.

Sediq Afghan, an Afghan mathematician who previously predicted the collapse of the USSR and the coronavirus pandemic, said another catastrophe with global consequences is coming soon. During an interview, he warned of a possible provocation or deadly attack by unfriendly countries.

We multiply 17 by 17 and multiply by 7, we get 2023. Then we divide by 17 and multiply by 2, we get 238. Atomic blackmail again! This is uranium. July 17 will definitely hit the headlines,” prophesied Sediq Afghan.

This prophet, who urged the world to stay at home on the appointed day, clarified that his predictions were not related to nuclear war. Instead, he hinted at a possible new act of aggression or false events that could affect the entire planet. He claims that July 17, 2023 will be an integral part of mainstream news.

Despite the fears and anxiety caused by these predictions, many experts recommend staying calm and evaluating the information with common sense. The very method of the mathematician prophet, who uses numbers to derive his predictions, also raises doubts, writes Blitz.

Sediq Afghan also shared his thoughts on the future and the turning point in 2025. According to him, it is in this year that the world will face events that will fundamentally change the course of history.

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