Mathayom Ban House Series Open a portal to social problems

17 Feb. 2021 20:42

Aidaa, Isaan people must scream With a series of Young Bloodsut Jeed Secondary School, Ban Hao, the content of the young age with short skirt flared with a scene to express the emotions that children Have seen it, must Wow !! Because of the concentration in the story that opens the warp from real problems in society Not just the kids Also a must-see shortcut Parents should not miss seeing as well. I did not spoil the first Isan high school series, but I want to see it because there are many perspectives for teenagers to try for parents to understand.

The highlight of the hot topic is the young actor, Sam, a real child of Isan. Even for a red-label rookie, but the show is definitely harrowing Through the audition to find the white elephants from the 17 Northeastern provinces until receiving a group of students in Grade 6/10 of Ban Don Kan Phitthayakhom School (D.C.), a complete set such as oppa / 10. .. Led by Maggie Witawat Panle, young man, mankon Chumphae, Kimhant Kunakorn Lee Udom, handsome athlete, Man Handsome, Athipdet lotion, Phutthasongkran, bad boy, stubborn but not light, Toia Phirasak Cha Young Sue Son, Father Phaya Lae, Dada Chaipak Jitjarak Ai, the seduced

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Girl group tag team in February led by Jaboonrada Wangthewiworakul A beautiful girl from Sisaket, Fern Suphakarn Sangkaphak, a young girl with a hundred loosely sane, Bamporn Phan Sangchanda, super model plateau, bowling Siri Valee Seng Ching Oui, a beautiful nerd, water. Fog-like Dao, Bunyot, an eeleng, a handsome young man, Toeiyanisa Chunet, Muang Talay Mok Yod Phu, doll Narisara Srilasupt, a superstar, a white girl, a car parade, etc.

The story of the series High School, Ban Hao, is a mirror that reflects the life of a rural people. Perspectives of provincial children that differ from city children There are many scenes that should be finished first, quickly conclude that the characters are good or bad. Because every story has its origins, the heroine’s life, if you look at it, might be a hit. There is oops! Looks like a good boy, but why does the behavior go against Is the marquee already the way out of life? There is a precarious scene to win a variety of unique love measures.

It is a social clue that arises from daily news and inserts it into a sense of fun but also hidden teachings by the youngsters, the actors have used the series to bring their families to change for the better. Having work and money to help parents And this is true The true story of society called .. Middle School, Ban Hao

Middle School, Banhao, Thai series, Baan Luk Isan, authentic Guaranteed fun by Nokboripan, Chaiyaphum, Big Boss, Seven Stars Studio, in collaboration with BV Media Add, the producer of FINFIN Channel and BB TV New Media, the producer of, through the skill of directing the show. Somchai Saiouka, director of the film Thai Ban The Series, added with Eh Saichon, Pha Pha, producer, director, co-writer, and Jo Jiratheep Saenkhote, assistant screenwriter, cinematographer.

Come share the experience of high school life sweet and sour. Which is a memorable moment in life How well are they going to get through the obstacles?!? Watch the series Thai Ban Mamamoo Ban Hao watch live at the same time every Wednesday from 19.00-20.00 hrs. On the application and website BUGABOO.TV, starting the first EP on Wednesday, February 24, 2021 this year

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