Matches today, Thursday, January 14, in the Handball World Cup

On Thursday, strong confrontations will be held within the framework of the second day of the Handball World Cup, hosted by Egypt, from January 13 to January 31, at 4 different halls.

Thursday’s meetings will witness clashes between Norway and France in the fifth group, Algeria with Morocco and Portugal with Iceland in the sixth group, and Sweden with Macedonia in the seventh group.

While the Belarus national team faces its counterpart the Russian Federation, Slovenia and South Korea in the Eighth Group, and Austria with Switzerland in the fifth group.

Today’s matches in the Handball World Cup

The Egyptian handball team defeated its Chilean counterpart 35/29, with a difference of 6 goals from the opposing team, in the opening match of the World Championship.

During the match, the team’s list included 20 players, including 7 professional players, they are Karim Hindawi Dobruga Sud Constanta, the Romanian, Mohamed Mamdouh, the Romanian Dinamo Club, Bucharest, Omar Yahya, the Hungarian Vesperm Club, Mohamed Sanad, the French Nim Club, Ali Zain, the Sharjah Emirati Club, Ahmed Hesham, the French Nim Club.


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