Matcha Latte Makeup: The Beauty Trend for Fall 2023

Matcha Latte Makeup: The Beauty Trend for Fall 2023

Today, fashion and beauty find their inspiration everywhere: in cinema, in art and even… in food. And it seems that, for several seasons, the world of drinks has particularly fascinated beautistas in search of new trends. Expresso make-up, latte make-up, Chai Latte manicure… These drinks are as trendy in coffee as on the eyelids or nails.

Among the most Instagrammable drinks of recent years: matcha. But what is it, then ? This is a Japanese green tea ground into powder from leaves. What makes this tea so special is that it contains lots of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids. Only a small elite of growers in Japan are capable of producing quality matcha, characterized by its intense green color.

Matcha makeup: the makeup trend for fall 2023

Inspired by this famous coloring, “matcha latte makeup” is the irresistible makeup trend for fall 2023. One thing is certain: it’s already getting a lot of attention and we understand why. This beauty treatment promises to spruce up any of your looks in just a few brush strokes.

If this new makeup is already very trendy, it is because it has the advantage of being simple to achieve. The reason ? Unlike other techniques offered on TikTok, the “matcha latte make-up” focuses only on the eyes. Chiara Ferragni, Kendall and Kylie Jenner… Many celebrities have already adopted it!

Makeup in three main steps

Convinced? All you need to do is use eye shadow and/or eyeliner in green tones and adorn your eyes as you wish. Then, the beauty steps are very simple. First of all, think about apply a base so that the makeup on the eyelids remains intact throughout the day.

In order to best bring out the green color, it is important to take the time to prepare your skin. The final look should be very luminous: so opt for a light and illuminating foundation. Then apply a translucent powderpaying particular attention to the eyebrow area to avoid possible fallout when applying the eye shadow.

Then comes the most important step: the eyeshadow. Start by covering the entire eyelid with a neutral shade and a soft brush, then apply a darker shade to the crease of the eyelid which you blend outwards, as for a smokey eyes. You can then finish by applying your matcha color shadow over the entire eyelid and a eye-liner cat eye.

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Easy matcha green makeup

The advantage of “matcha latte make-up”? He brightens the eyes, but also the skin, thanks to the contrast it causes. Plus, it suits all eye colors and is quite simple to do. You just need to equip yourself with the right products and balance the rest of the makeup with neutral tones to bring out your eyes as much as possible. Get your brushes!

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