Mastodon: App that seeks to dethrone Twitter

Since Elon Musk decided to buy Twitter, a great repudiation was generated by the users. And many of them have chosen to migrate to Mastodonbut what is this social network about?

It was created in 2016 by Eugen Rochko, a German programmer. Like Twitteris a microblogging service and operates through a vertical scrolling platform for the dissemination of short messages.

We have been constantly working towards the ultimate goal of providing a viable alternative to Twitter since 2016 and have proven the scalability and resilience of the platform through organic growth over the years,” he said recently.

Like Twitter, each user can post content such as texts, gifs, videos, photos and emojis. The difference is that it allows a limit of 500 characters. It also allows you to create subnets called instances and each one can have its own rules, with slogans and moderation defined by the community itself.

Unlike traditional social networks, Mastodon it cannot be broken, sold or totally blocked by governments”, says a video presented by the social network.

It currently has 4.4 million users, something that seems little in relation to the 229 million users of Twitter.

And you, did you know Mastodon?

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