MasterChef Italia, before the episode the decision that displaces the public: the judges did it

Everything is ready for the airing of the episode of MasterChef Italia but… here is a decision taken by the production and the judges displaces the public. Here’s what it is.

In the crosshairs of media attention in recent weeks we find, constantly, the story of the twelfth season of the program Master Chef Italywhich proved to be very challenging indeed for the three judges of the show.

MasterChef Italy bet decision – RicettaSprint

Yet, to discuss the web and the public of the Sky home program we also find a decision that was made by the production of MasterChef and which, as always, was also supported by d Barbieri, Cannavacciuolo e Locatelli.

MasterChef, the decision before the bet

Spotlight on the program Master Chef Italyhere where from episode to episode various recipes are created to serve as a test bench and not only, together with the pantry of the show always full of various ingredients, fresh vegetables, etc…

A constant supply of food that the competitors need to make their recipes but, the question that many ask themselves, however, is the following: what happens to the food that is not eaten and the dishes that are not tasted?

MasterChef Italy bet decision - RicettaSprint
MasterChef Italy bet decision – RicettaSprint

A question that is answered every week, before an episode of airs Master Chef Italy and not only that, given that the dishes created by the contestants in the studio, after tasting, are then finished by the same judges or by the same protagonists of the competition. It certainly doesn’t end there.

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What happens to the food made at MasterChef?

In these years the production of the program of MasterChef has decided to take the field in the fight against food waste, supported over time also by Cannavacciuolo and by the Barbieri chefs together with Giorgio Locatelli.

Based on this motivation, the production of the program together with the three judges have found the perfect trick so that the food made within the program is what is found in the pantry, with particular regard to easily perishable foods, which are then reassigned so that these are saved from waste before they themselves become waste.

MasterChef Italy bet decision - RicettaSprint
MasterChef Italy bet decision – RicettaSprint

The confirmation of what has been said comes in the message that is published from time to time before the airing of a new episode of MasterChef, here where it is possible to read the following words: “MasterChef Italia adheres to the Green Audiovisual protocol in respect of the environment. The commitment to the fight against food waste is recognized by Bureau Veritas with the international Food Waste Management System certification. All food not involved in the tests is donated to Last Minute Market“.

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