MASTER stocks give away profits – keep an eye on who sells big blocks MORE

Entered the stock market for the first day (25 Jan. 23) ! for IPO shares “Hot Hits” since outside the stock market Master Style Public Company Limited or MASTER with a energetic young CEO “Mr. Se-Rawiwat Maschamadol” It’s rumored that the stock has been sold out since the first day it was sold out…

0 and the first day of trading (trading) on ​​January 25, 2023 does not make investors “disappointed !” called “Firework Celebration” The first trading day was a great success.

Dr. Se-Raweewat Maschamadol

๐ after the first trading day at 62.25 baht, an increase of 16.25 baht or 35.33% From the IPO price of 46 baht with trading volume “bustle” During trading, the price went up. “Max” at 72.25 baht Before the closing of trading on the first day, the price jumped 50%. Called this event, small fans smiled and accepted. “profit” Let’s get into the bag.

๐ But the surprise is heavier than the MASTER stock price! It must have been an evening party that was considered “Rallying Point” Investors & businessmen who are nationally famous…Dream team for the stock market “Sia Pong-Watchara Kaewsawang”, “Mr. Pongsak Thammathatchaaree”, “Boy Thaprachan”, “Sura Kanittaweekul” of Com7 Public Company Limited (COM7) came to congratulate relate to each other

The stock market closed on Friday, January 27th. Found that there is a list of securities trading on the big board (BIG LOT). A total of 16 securities, 27 items, and the highest valued securities found are shares. More Return Public Company Limited or MORE 12 items Volume 948.11 million shares Total value 360.28 million baht Average price 0.38 baht per share

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๐ The price of MORE shares is equal to the price on the trading board. The price “MORE STOCKS” The market closed today at 0.38 baht, unchanged from the previous day. Who should keep an eye on this work? Sell ​​big lot MORE shares 948.11 million shares

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