Massive-scale procedure in the towns and villages close to Karlovo, there are detainees

An complete arsenal of illegal ammunition was identified in the home of a resident of the village of Hristo Danovo. This happened throughout a massive-scale procedure in Karlovsko, which was attended by 7 law enforcement squads and 5 from the gendarmerie. The person is being held. The same measure applies to a Banja resident who was discovered with prescription drugs.

14 settlements are qualified and the action was ordered by Plovdiv police main Dimitar Balev. The scope of the procedure involves Karlovo, Kalofer, Sopot and Banya, as very well as the villages of Rozino, Hristo Danovo, Stoletovo, Karnare, Pevtsite, Iganovo, Anevo, Vasil Levski, Vedrare, Beguntsi.

Organizations, pawn retailers, motor vehicle morgues and individuals are checked together with reps of RIOSV, BABH, NAA and Gorskoto. By 2pm, 7 addresses, 6 firms, 139 men and women and 85 autos had been checked. 27 sanctions with receipt have been issued and 2 stories were drawn up.

A preliminary investigation is underway from a girl from Banya for the criminal offense of using excise goods without having a label. Meanwhile, at an tackle in the similar city, illegally stored wood was found, for which an administrative violation act was drawn up by personnel of the DGS – Karlovo.

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