Massacre in Istanbul with shooting, killed and wounded VIDEO

An armed attack took place today at a law firm in Kartvel Chevislik at Istanbul around 3:30 p.m., Turkish television CNN-Turk reported.

At least three people were killed and two were injured in the bloody attack.

According to CNN-Turk, several people arrived at the office to sign a contract, and one of them pulled out his weapon and started firing.

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Police teams and ambulances were sent to the scene.

Ahmet Salih B., who is said to be the head of a neighborhood in Yalova, met with his uncle’s children at the law firm in an inheritance case. In the heated debate over inheritance, however, Ahmet Salih B. started shooting at his relatives.

The suspect Salih B. (62) killed his relatives Haluk Onat (58), Kebire Esra Ai (54) and Aishe Etze Ai (26), and wounded Arzu O. and Ahmet Nuri O.

He was caught and detained in the town of Yalova, where he tried to cover himself.

Salih B.


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