Mass riots in Brussels are gathering protesters from all over Europe

Protests against covid measures in Brussels have escalated into violent riots, bombings, fighting with police and dozens of people arrested and injured.

Police in the Belgian capital today used water cannons and tear gas to disperse thousands of demonstrations against measures and restrictions over the Omicron option, the AP reported.

According to police, there are about 50,000 participants, some of whom came from Germany, France and other countries.

The crowd chanted “Freedom!” As they marched, and some of the participants clashed with police. Video footage showed black-clad demonstrators throwing bombs at the EU diplomatic service and smashing windows. Policemen in white helmets repeatedly urged the crowd to disperse. One of the leaders called: “Come on, people! Let’s not let them take away our rights!”

Police resorted to water cannons and large quantities of tear gas. According to police, 70 people were detained. Three police officers and 12 demonstrators needed medical attention.


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