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Made by Egyptian Nakula Basili Nakula, the anti-Islamic limited movie was under no circumstances released: two variations of the 14-minute movie were being posted on YouTube. The tape recounts the lifestyle of the Prophet Muhammad in a caricatural and offensive type, exposing him as a homosexual and molester. Dressed in rags and smeared with mud, the actors to begin with played a distinct situation, but then a provocative audio sequence was superimposed on their lines.

In September, the online video was translated into Arabic and, as envisioned, drew criticism in North Africa and the Middle East. On 11 September, the riots at the American embassy in Cairo commenced, which instantly distribute to other international locations in the Islamic planet: Yemen, Tunisia, Sudan, Libya, Pakistan. Protesters attacked US diplomatic missions, burned flags and structured pogroms. The riots were being accompanied by clashes with the police and many victims, a overall of about 700 wounded, a lot more than 50 people died, such as the US ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens. A single of the Pakistani federal government users pledged $ 100,000 for Nakula’s murder.

American authorities formally condemned the video clip and YouTube voluntarily blocked it in most Islamic international locations. On October 1, 2012, Moscow’s Tverskoy courtroom acknowledged the video as extremist and banned the film from getting dispersed in Russia. A Cairo court docket sentenced Nakula and 6 other administrators to dying in absentia.

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