Mass connection of heating “Riga House Manager” could start in October – in Riga

The connection of heating to the houses managed by the municipal SIA “Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks” (RNP) could start en masse at the beginning of October, the company’s representative Krists Laiškalns informed.

According to the long-term meteorological forecast, it can now be predicted that the district heating connection will start in early October.

L manifalns emphasized that RNP closely monitors changes in weather conditions and in case it gets colder faster, the heating season will start sooner.

It has already been reported that the RNP board has decided to cover the debt for the previous heating season, thus it is planned to ensure the connection of the houses managed by RNP for heating. Customer debts to RNP for heat in the last heating season amount to 2.6 million euros and will be covered financed from the company’s revenue and profit.

This does not mean that debtors will not have to repay these debts, as RNP will continue to work actively to collect debts from customers.

Ronald Neimanis, Chairman of the Board of RNP, points out: “We had to make a difficult but in the interests of our customers to connect heating. RNP, as a customer-oriented manager, must be able to provide all services, as most customers pay inconvenience because not all neighbors treat their services in good faith.Continuous provision of services, including heat, to customers was my setting from day one.The ineffectiveness of existing legislation in combating non-payers creates additional difficulties for all managers, but this must not be an excuse for not providing the service. “

The first RNP apartment building was connected for heating on September 11.

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