Masks like chambers in Auschwitz? A shocking comparison of a celebrity

“We all know people are scared, but it’s not fear anymore, people are total idiots. Sorry, humans are just totally mindless beings. The fact that aggression in people is born in all this is incredible. A lot of psychopathy is revealed – said the celebrity in the account shared on the profile on social media.

– Listen, do not tell me that you believe that someone, fighting a disease that is going to kill you, so under this pretext they force us by threats, punishments, scaring us to follow the things they invent. I apologize to you, if someone cares for someone, I associate such actions with the emotions of goodness, peace, warmth and love. Do you see any care and love in it? I’m asking. Do you see anything positive or good about it? This is paranoia. They will scare you that they will punish you, rob you, poison you. Ultimately, they will deprive you of everything and deprive you of your life, because they care about your health and peace, so that nothing bad happens to you – continued the model, criticizing the government’s actions.

Kołakowska went further and made a scandalous comparison. In her opinion, the introduced restrictions do not differ from the gas chambers in the German concentration camp Auschwitz: – I just want to remind you that the same thing happened during the war, when they were transporting people to Auschwitz, when they were transporting them to camps. When they entered the chamber, they firmly believed that it was for their good. That men in uniform take care of them. Entering the chamber, they thought that they were entering the bathhouse, where they were supposed to wash and leave it, towels were waiting for them. What happened? And what happened and the same thing is happening now, only under different circumstances.

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