“Masks in exchange for food” … a women’s initiative in Argentina to confront Corona (video)

Russia Today TV showed a video of a women’s initiative in Argentina to provide medical masks and receive food, to counter the emerging corona virus.

The initiative added that women sew medical masks, exchange them for non-perishable food, and distribute food to poor neighborhoods and the needy.

The number of new infections with the Coronavirus in various countries of the world exceeded the barrier of 2 million and 300 thousand infected people, as the number reached 2,306,016 cases, while 158,028 deaths from the virus were recorded, and recoveries from it reached 588,634, according to the “World Meters” website.

While the new Corona virus continues to spread and claim lives in various countries of the world, especially with more than two million infected people and more than 154,000 deaths, countries continue their efforts to prevent its spread and control it through continuous preventive and precautionary measures.


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