Masked gunmen robbed a post office in Egypt and stole one million and 400 thousand pounds…and a surprise regarding the identity of the mastermind of the operation (video)

Al-Marsad Newspaper: 3 masked men stormed the post office of the new city of Damietta, Egypt, at six in the evening, Thursday, and detained by force of arms 3 employees who were finishing their work before the end of work hours, so they tied them with ropes and assaulted them, then they seized 1.4 million pounds, equivalent to 46 thousand dollars, and they fled flee the place.

The operation lasted 7 minutes, and it began with the gunmen storming the office right next to the police station, assaulting a security officer who was in it, then controlling the three employees, and then they robbed the money.

The security services recognized their identities by reviewing what was filmed by internal surveillance cameras, then they were able to arrest one of them, and after that they arrested a woman who participated in the robbery as well, according to the local “Cairo 24” news site, and the host that the police discovered that one of the gunmen is a relative of an employee who works At the same post office. As for the third, the police are still trying to arrest him.

While the “Echo of the Country” website stated that the brother of the post office director’s wife “was the one who planned and planned the theft,” and that one of the masked men handcuffed the branch manager and another employee, and confronted the two, “the branch manager’s wife’s brother” admitted to knowing his movements and the movement of money “without his knowledge.” Then he sought the help of others to commit the incident, after which they gave instructions on the weapon used (a sound drum) and the stolen amount, as well as the car used in the robbery.

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