Mask requirement: Barista in San Diego gets almost $ 90,000

Panorama Dispute about mask requirement

Angry customer gives Barista a tip of almost $ 90,000

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Lenin Gutierrez didn’t think much of it when he made a customer in the café aware of the obligation to wear a mask. He later found himself, along with his photo, in an angry Facebook comment – but the woman’s attack backfired.

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Dhe mask requirement at his workplace first gave a barista from San Diego an unpleasant appearance on the Internet, then a whole bunch of tips.

In a public video on his Facebook profile, Lenin Gutierrez explains that he recently worked normally in a Starbucks store in the California city when a customer entered the store – without mouth-nose protection. Because the café has a corresponding policy, he asked the woman if she had a mask with her, said the 24-year-old. “She said: No, I don’t need one.”

After that, he hardly had time to explain to the woman that the mask was mandatory before it failed, insulted people – including as “sheep” – and took a picture of him. “I thought that was the end of it,” says Gutierrez. “I had no idea it would lead to this.”

“I want to show how much I love it and how much it has given me”

“This one” was a lot of applause on the Internet. Because the woman first posted the photo of the barista with an angry remark, later Gutierrez posted the video with his version of the story online. Under both contributions, lack of understanding for the customer and support for the barista increased.

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One user even launched a crowdfunding campaign to tip Gutierrez. Instead of the intended $ 1,000, this raised almost 90,000 – the equivalent of just under 80,000 euros.

Gutierrez, who thanked him for the donations in the video “from the bottom of his heart”, wants to invest in his hobby and start as a dance teacher: “I want to show how much I love it… If I could convey it to someone, it would be easy great – and thus changing the life of this person as it (mine) changed mine. ”With the help of the online tip he could“ realize this dream ”.

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According to CNN Gutierrez also wants to donate part of the money. Accordingly, the barista and the organizer of the donation campaign do not know each other personally – he found that Gutierrez was “bullied because he did the right thing”.

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