Maserati Nettuno: the new engine for the MC20

630 horsepower engine entirely built in Modena. It will debut on 9 and 10 September during the presentation of the MC20 supercar

It’s called Nettuno, in homage to the history of the Trident and the statue in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna that inspired the Maserati logo: it is the new beating heart of the new super sports car MC20, the car destined to bring the Maserati brand back into the world of racing, the which debut is scheduled for September. A 90 ° V 6-cylinder, biturbo, 3.0 liters of displacement, dry sump (classic solution for super sports cars) capable of delivering 630 hp at 7,500 rpm and a good 730 Nm of torque starting from 3,000 rpm. The compression ratio is 11 to 1: the stroke of 82 mm and the bore of 88 mm, with a specific power is 210 HP / liter. The new engine was designed in the Maserati Innovation Lab, with times optimized thanks to the virtual analysis, and developed at the Polo Motori of the historic plant in Viale Ciro Menotti, where the new production line and new painting dedicated to the long awaited MC20.


The soul of the new engine, which brings the traditional 90 ° V6 to levels of power and torque never previously achieved, is the innovative pre-chamber combustion system with double spark plug, a technology developed for Formula 1 and now available for the first time in an engine designed to equip a road car. There are three main components, which allow to improve engine performance, increase performance and reduce consumption: the prechamber which is in fact a combustion chamber interposed between the central spark plug and the traditional combustion chamber whose connection occurs through a series of holes with properly studied geometry; the side spark plug that acts as a support, to ensure the regular combustion of the engine when the latter is working in operating points where the use of the pre-chamber is not necessary; and the double indirect and direct injection system, which coupled with the fuel supply pressure at 350 bar has the aim of reducing noise at low rpm, reducing the level of emissions and improving consumption.

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The new Maserati era therefore begins with this new engine. Not only a real technological revolution covered by international patents, but a challenge that has been met: to bring the development and production of a new engine with high technical content and high performance to home after Modena in over 20 years. The MC20 as a whole is a symbol of rebirth “100% Made in Modena”: a milestone and an ambitious design for the company’s history, which will officially enter a new era on September 9 and 10 in Modena, on the occasion of the event “MMXX: The time to be audacious”. In those two days the unpublished models and the innovative propulsion systems will be revealed, which will see the light in the coming years, with all the latest programs developed by the Casa del Tridente.


Engine architecture: V6 90 °; displacement 3.0 liters; bore for stroke 88 x 82 mm, compression ratio 11: 1. Maximum power 630 hp at 7,500 rpm; maximum torque 730 Nm between 3000–5.500; maximum rotation speed 8000 rpm. Biturbo supercharging with electronically operated wastegate valves; double spark plug ignition system with passive pre-chamber; lubrication pump oil pump with continuously variable displacement; overhead camshaft dual axis distribution with variable timing; motor mass


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