Maserati introduces the MC20 Cielo sports car, and the roof also has adjustable transparency

The Italian carmaker Maserati has introduced an open version of the MC20 sports car, obviously called Cielo, ie “the sky”. It has a solid folding roof, which is hidden in the space behind the crew’s heads.

However, in order not to be deprived of the sky even with the roof extended, it has a glass panel in it, which can be made electrochromatically transparent when the button is pressed. There is a small disadvantage in terms of view – instead of a glass panel, which shows the engine in the compartment, there is an opaque fairing with a giant trident.

Maserati MC20 Cielo

Photo: Maserati

The rest is not very different from the coupe, which means a 630k six-cylinder that drives the rear wheels through an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission and a self-locking differential. However, the target is 65 kg heavier than the coupe, so it takes 3 s, a tenth slower, for a hundred, and 9.2 s, four tenths slower for a two hundred.

The carmaker states the maximum as “more than 320 km / h”, ie 5 km / h less than in the coupe. What has not changed, on the other hand, is the volume of luggage – the front is still 50 liters, the rear 100.

Maserati MC20 Cielo

Photo: Maserati

There are wheels with an appearance inspired by Roman numerals or carbon wheels, which save a total of 30 kilograms, or a steering wheel with a wreath covered with Alcantara, the upholstered parts of which can be carbon on request. It is also worth mentioning the driving mode control and suspension characteristics with a touch screen, which changes what the knob is currently controlling.

It is also worth mentioning the blue color called Acquamarina, which is shown in a piece in the published photographs. It belongs to the introductory Prima series, in which about 60 cars are to be created, and outside of it it is also available in the special Fuoriserie personalization program.

Cielo, like the coupe, is produced entirely in Modena, Italy. What is not yet known are the prices and the date when sales will start.

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